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Friday, September 10, 2010

The most powerful atom resolving microscope in the UK was today revealed at the University of Cambridge. The new electron microscope, which will enable scientists to view individual atoms in any material, was officially unveiled by the Minister for Universities and Science, the Rt Hon David Willetts MP.

'The microscope's impressive power will facilitate pioneering research previously restricted by scientists' inability to view and analyse structures at such a small scale.'

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  1. so now we have a microscope that looks like a nintendo? AWESOME~

  2. yes, but can it cleverly respond on an image board by using reaction pics?

  3. @ anti-1337: What has been seen...
    and I don't really understand how electron microscopes work, anyone care to explain? I know it has to do with interference patterns on magnetic plates but thats about all.

  4. Damn you anti!

    I wonder how much this costed.